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How do you install and run NetMage?
First, you must have a distrobution of the Java JRE (ie: you need Java installed). Second, you will need to download the NetMage tar file from the Downloads page. To untar the file on a UNIX system, type:
  tar xzvf [netmage tar file].tar.gz
(nb: zipped and sit versions of the code will come soon)
Finally, enter the netmage directory and read the file README.txt for more information.

How do you use NetMage once it's going?
Ever heard the expression RTFM? Well, there's a README.txt file in the files, guess what you're supposed to do with it.

Why make NetMage, why not use something else?
Because I want to play magic networked, and Apprentice32, although a fine program, is only Windows-based. I don't, and never plan to use Windows. As this is Java(tm)-based, any system can run it. Eventually it may even be web-based... ooo... ahhh..

When will it be playable?
It is playable, right now even. It is however, still under heavy development, as we are adding many new features in the upcomming versions. I suggest reading the News page and the TODO page to see what our current status is.

What will NetMage be like?
Well, it will be similar in many ways to Apprentice, but that is merely coincidence in design. If you'd like to see what it currently looks like, you can take a look at the Screenshots, or read about what it will be like in the TODO list.

Will the images look as bad as they do in the screen shots?
Not likely. I've made it so that if you have a card named (for example) Kird Ape, you can put any gif image into the images directory called "kirdape.gif" and it will use it, no questions asked. Hopefully I can find a good graphic designer, to avoid using any copyrighted WOTC material.

What if I don't like the interface?
Then email me, and suggest what I should change and why. I will read them, and if I find the suggestion good, I will try to make it happen.