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Jan 25, 01 -> Just overhauled the site somewhat, to make it easier for everyone to find the files and the mailing lists. I also thought I'd update everyone on all that's been going on with the development list.
Jeff has been working on some wonderful things, so I thought I'd put up a copy of our current TODO list on the site, so you can see all that we're up to. If you feel that you could help in some way, feel free to click the email link on the main page! Thanks!

Jan 9, 01 -> For the new year, we now have CVS working (we think), and have been in contact with the OMD guys so that we can use their deck construction stuff instead of the crappy cards.dat deal. We have many new features planned, and as soon as we actually start working on them, the cvs tree will show some progress.

Dec 10, 00 -> I've recently added another developer to the netmage project. Jeff Turner has graciously volunteered to help with the work, and I could sure use it! He'a already added some really nice features, and we'll probably release something soon. Mainly, we'd like to get the CVS tree working. So that'll be our first task.

Nov 10, 00 -> Released 0.6.7, which contains many bugfixes, a proper makefile, a hugely updated cards.dat database, and many in-game instructions. I also updated the README. Will be updating the screen shots soon.

Oct 31, 00 -> I've fixed a bug on info messages, as well as redone the info message system. Now there are helpful information messages to teach you how to use the program. I also added a popup menu for decks. I tried to add remote quit notification, but that will have to wait, as there is a problem with references. I am working on a few other things for v0.7, including a much improved deck-creation window, and of course, many more cards.

Oct 30, 00 -> I have found several major bugs and as soon as I get some time, I will attempt to fix them. I also want to make NetMage more intuitive to use. I think I know what needs to be done, so it shouldn't be too difficult to get it happy again. Stay tuned.

Aug 15, 00 -> I now have a sourceforge page! Yay! You can visit it here. Email me and tell me what you think!

Mar 22, 00 -> Getting ready to release beta edition! Come play and complain about my product! See the Download page for details.

Mar 4, 00 -> Version 0.6.1 adds those quaint "Are you sure you want to quit?" Dialogs.

Feb 28, 00 -> Found a few bugs about updating, fixed those. Also added some intuitive popup menus to keep people from having to read the README. Oh, I updated that as well. The cards and the players now have popup menus, and when you attack, draw, shuffle, and change turns, it TELLS you! Version 0.6 released.

Feb 28, 00 -> Replaced the screenshots section, and did some general redesign. The screenshots actually look nice now! No new bugs found. Also updated the FAQ.

Feb 8, 00 -> a0.5.5 fixed the two bugs mentioned earlier, plus it added a lot of cards to the cards database file. Looks like it's in working order now. More testing must occur.

Jan 23, 00 -> a0.5.4 fixed a few bugs with card placement and adds a "Waiting for connection" dialog for the server, as well as a server timeout (currently of 30 seconds). Also added is a readme file to help people play the game. My friend Ernie has also created a batch file so that windows users will have an easier time running the game. Currently there are still two glaring bugs I have found: one crashes every so often when a card is played (error is that width and height must be greater than 0), and the other is a mismatch of cards in the hand-list to the actual cards in the hand. Working on finding these.

Dec 13, 99 -> a0.5.3 allows shuffling by meta-clicking the deck, and changed how you play cards a bit. However, I have uncovered some errors with putting cards back in your hand from the table, but I'm not sure why they exist yet.

Dec 9, 99 -> a0.5.2 fixes some bugs with putting cards back into stacks. It also allows for each player to have a name. Finally, It also implements X casting costs.

Dec 8, 99 -> a0.5 is finished, which fixes a few bugs present in 0.4 and 0.4.1. I tried to initiate an ability to download cards into the local database that only exist in the remote one. However it was too difficult with the present network model, I will probably need to implement separate streams, which should be relatively easy but time consuming.

Dec 3, 99 -> a0.4 is out now, and availible for personal downloads (ie: you have to contact me to get it). But it seems to work just great, after a few tests, I'll make it beta, and everyone can have a try!

Dec 2, 99 -> Added the ability to change you and your opponent's decks and have it network that properly. Next, I need to add similar support for graveyards, and support for local enchantments, and then Status updates (so you know what your opponent is doing behind your back). Oh, and also I need to add in turns, and the ability to switch them. Looks promising...

Dec 1, 99 -> The bugs (including a truly obvious one that I am surprised I didnt catch earlier) have been all worked out, and now you can load text into a text file, and it will create cards based on that text. Changing your opponent's life total is also availible now.

Nov 30, 99 -> I've decided to abandon the old Class-based system of loading cards, and have implemented a new, faster and more veratile dynamic card-loading system. It works by reading a text file for data, and then creating a card based on that data. This will allow for future improvements like easy set updates, card-creation, and even eventually web-based gaming. It is still a little buggy, but when 0.3.5 works as well as 0.3, we will be off to a good start.

Nov 22, 99 -> Networking works! Huzzah! Well, there's still a lot to do, but right now you can play cards, move them around, put them into decks, tap them and whatnot, and it all happens both on your table and that of your opponent. Will begin beta-testing soon.

Nov 20, 99 -> Made the hand into a list instead of a panel. It makes it much easier to see what cards you have. I put in three screen shots on the screen shots page, and will be starting networking (the big challenge) soon.

Nov 17, 99 -> Added a deck selector at the beginning, much like that of JavaMage's. It allows deck creation, saving and loading of a deck file. I'll put in a screen shot of it when I get a chance.

Nov 15, 99 -> Added many new features, including getting info on a card, dragging cards to the deck and to the graveyard, changing the life total on a player, and making it yet easier to add cards. I've also put into this site a rather nasty screenshot, which might give you a sense of the game's progression.

Nov 11, 99 -> NetMage project was begun two weeks ago. Currently the cards can be moved around the table, a deck file can be read and cards can be drawn from the deck, played to and from the hand, and tapped. Coming soon will be a list of features, and screen shots.

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